Warning!! Nest is Empty


Our nest is Empty once again and The  Caregiver and her spouse are not Sad Individuals. God Blesses you with Children to Raise, Teach and Send out to Someday Bless you with a new generation.

We had children early in our marriage, so that retirement consist of fun, travel, and of course Grandchildren aka as new generation! That was our Plan.  Life on the other hand changes such plans. 

Retirement actually consists of the Man on oxygen and the wife as his full-time caregiver. Also includes sending a grand-daughter to heaven about two years ago and guiding our son and his wife through this experience. They are still married and surviving as a couple.

Our daughter has left the nest this weekend for the third time, Yes I said third time. This time however it involves her first apartment, So the Caregiver is very optimistic. No sadness here, If you raised them with good morals, and taught them to survive. Put a smile on your face , because you did what God planned when the Blessing came along.


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