Realizing I Get Annoyed In Midlife


Summer 2016


Midlife is a strange age to approach. You realize just the sort of things that can annoy the fire out of you. First of all I love to fish and be outdoors. Winter keeps us stuck indoors. Sure there are lots of chores to do and foods to cook but you are still stuck inside for days or weeks. Annoying to say the least. 



Secondly it’s being so young and having a Spouse that is sick. Although I never regret any moment of being a care-giver, I do tend at times to get annoyed that there is a man in my condo 24/7 but I mostly do everything alone. There is no adult nights out, just me seeing a movie at the theater and returning to home. No trips down south just to tell the world goodbye for a couple nights. Takes so much to load the vehicles up these days.


Third things that seems to annoy me more and more at this age is not being able to be still and meditate as when I was younger. There once was a time I could send the family on their way out into the world and sip my tea and Be Still. Life just does not seem to have that door open lately.


Last but certainly very important is difficult people. They show up in Friends, Family, and other parts of a life. I really do thank God for showing me how not to act through some of these types of people. I would not want someone to be hurt or feel hurt the way difficult people have made me feel. 

In conclusion as you can see in the age of midlife I realize that I prefer to enjoy the outdoors instead of being stuck indoors. I truthfully get annoyed about this disease preventing us to enjoy retirement. Being Still and meditating is something I need to return into my life and difficult people are enough to make me run away. 





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4 Replies to “Realizing I Get Annoyed In Midlife”

  1. I especially like: I have learned from difficult people in my life…how not to behave. I am just like you in that regard. And I like the silence of the day as much as the silence of the night. I am a very gregarious woman but find I have no time for people that do not make my heart sing. Period. It is very refreshing. Thank you for your post.

    Warmly, Honey

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