July Challenges No longer

  Do to some personal caregiver type situations, this blogger needs to take sometime and get somethings in order.  She will hopefully return in August!


Day 10 of July Blog Challenge

#challenge  #blogger #music July 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10 is >>>Put your phone or iPod on shuffle and list first 10 songs that play; I did this early this morning; I have 3319 songs on my kindle music section. Let me tell you 2 things..... My music choices are all over the billboard It …

July Songs Day 4-10

July Songs Day 4 was supposed to be 2 Summer songs.... Pontoon--Little Big Town Flip Flop Summer--Kenny Chesney Day 5 was song from your favorite album....well short story before we downsized from our homestead the very last Christmas there, and for the first time in a long marriage both my husband and I bought each …