imag1163.jpgOctober will begin tomorrow, I originally was going to attempt to do a full-blown baking challenge for the month. Because of caregiving situations a 30 day baking challenge would be difficult to keep up with and I am not a food blogger. 

I’ve decided to share my favorites and recipes tried from other bloggers as often as time allows during October. Please leave comments with food bloggers I may want to check out or maybe a recipe I should share. 

Happy Fall Season to All!!


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September brings ” Sharing the Love” Challenge. For the month of Sept. I will attempt to share 30 of my favorite blogs. The order of the bloggers I share does not mean this is the way I think of them as preference to favorites. Each day may be based on what I read that day. I will admit I do not even have a list beside me for this challenge. blog is always very interesting and straight forward. I really enjoyed the music shared in the month of August for the music challenge. I extend an invite to do a guest post on my blog anytime. 

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Happy September and almost Fall! 

Originally I had planned on doing 30 days of books for the month of Sept. After careful thinking and the challenge life gave me to do a music challenge. I decided the month of September would change to a month of 

“Sharing the Love”  During all the situations of the past couple month’s I still found myself reading my fellow bloggers posts while in waiting rooms and such. So ” Sharing the Love” is 30 blogs I enjoy seeing in my email box and reading. 



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Day #24  Is Favorite Rock n Roll artist. So if you read my blog and personally know me you are in for a huge surprise. Most of you see Favorite Rock n Roll artist and assume Elvis Presley will be here.  I am a very big fan of The King of Rock n Roll. I can pick one of his songs for almost any mood, yet that’s because I could get away with playing his songs in my childhood home.  

Funny how generations never change. My parents born in the mid 40’s and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s experienced lot’s of different music and probably were forbidden not to play some.  I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and experienced the same treatment. My children were raised in the late 80’s through 00’s and the only restriction they were given is if you listen to Rap You must wear headphones.

Anyway I have posted 2 songs from Bob Seger;  He was one of the first artist I purchased music of growing up. 

If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s please share in the comments of some favorite artist from our Era.