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October Baking!

imag1163.jpgOctober will begin tomorrow, I originally was going to attempt to do a full-blown baking challenge for the month. Because of caregiving situations a 30 day baking challenge would be difficult to keep up with and I am not a food blogger. 

I’ve decided to share my favorites and recipes tried from other bloggers as often as time allows during October. Please leave comments with food bloggers I may want to check out or maybe a recipe I should share. 

Happy Fall Season to All!!


Is Hospitality a thing of the past?

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Grandma’s Christmas Fudge

Is Hospitality a thing of the past? I imagine if you are in your midlife years you have wondered this question once or twice.   I can not give precise answers just an opinion based on the younger generations I deal with day to day and year to year.


Based on most of them My honest opinion is that they are loosing that part of what other generations have considered Hospitality. I ask again is hospitality a thing of the past?

Do you remember coming to Grandma’s for Christmas and snatching some Christmas Fudge off dessert tables? imag0184Do you remember Sunday Family Dinners with Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob and of course biscuits? That is hospitality to someone in my generation.  

Today’s younger generation’s say there is no time for home cooking and house cleaning. Life is to fast pace and full of gadgets.  A reminder this is just one person’s opinion but as a Mom and A Grandma…I enjoy my visits better if I feel welcomed and the place is full of warmth and hospitality.

So do you think Hospitality is a thing of the Past?




New Life During Midlife; My Internet Branch!

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Internet image…Represents the avid reader behind the posts.  


That is what this Blog is ALL about. Adventure in the Midlife Stages.  These adventures include learning to live in a Community after raising the kids in a very seclude rural area. Learning to be self-sufficient while helping my husband with his disability. Also remodeling our cozy condo and MY culinary arts adventure and Fishing. Blogging through Midlife is the Plan.


Faith and Time

As I sit here sipping on a warm drink and watching the sunrise, and listening to James Taylor’s Secret to Life in the background; I can not help thinking about Faith and Time. 

Have you ever held a mustard seed? As a Culinary Student and as a women who is passionate about cooking I have.

.  mustard-seed-faith-by-cri

It is written that if you have Faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains and nothing is impossible. ( paraphrased) How many times in your life would having Faith and Patients for the mountain to move, stopped you from not being satisfied? I know a man dealing with that particular thing right now. I hear him often lately say that ” He wants to go home.” To him home is the seven plus acres we raised our children. The place where he knew he could come home and be welcomed and safe from the world outside, yet he took all that for granted in the past. We have downsized twice in four years, from that home because of fighting for disability and his fear or maybe lost of Faith for the mountain to be moved so that he could stay in this home. Before we moved into the Cozy Condo, I expressed a few times that I would go back to our home and land if he took it back, but he refused his wives wishes, to allow his nephew to continue living in the home. I completely understand that a Man needs to not go back on his word, but I believe that once again, Faith was not strong enough to show how time gave him another chance to be in his home.  A God Fearing Wife who has seen what having Faith the size of a mustard seed can do, can only submit to things so many times. Eventually she just needs to sit back and watch the Man and his God ( if he believes ) battle this sort of thing out. 

Excitement about Learning

Today’s daily prompt is Learning


Part of being a Culinary Student is learning knife skills and doing food art. The above picture is actually a radish turned into a swan. In class we were taught to make the swans out of apples. Apples fit nicely into your hands and are easy to work with because of the size. My instructor said that he wish someone would try a radish, they are so much smaller. I for one love challenges and to challenge people to do their best. So it took me just about 25 minutes to complete this radish swan on the first attempt. Culinary is such a fun class for creative people.  Do you like Challenges? Are you a Creative type ?