imag1163.jpgOctober will begin tomorrow, I originally was going to attempt to do a full-blown baking challenge for the month. Because of caregiving situations a 30 day baking challenge would be difficult to keep up with and I am not a food blogger. 

I’ve decided to share my favorites and recipes tried from other bloggers as often as time allows during October. Please leave comments with food bloggers I may want to check out or maybe a recipe I should share. 

Happy Fall Season to All!!


Off the Grid Vacation

As midnight approaches; while sitting on the deck. Wind blowing through her hair and lighting in the sky, frogs and crickets competing for their chance to make sounds. She thinks about her time off the grid as refreshing.  Catching up on books and movies while lounging in bed. 

Although watering the garden is a daily pastime she took each morning as a chance to watch nature. The birds flying in and out near by trees . Woodpecker far off in the distance. Squirrels snatching the bird seed her husband throughs out. Nature is there every day if she’s just still.

She’s very excited to have her sewing room close to being done.  Downsizing twice in five years put a damper on this passion she taught herself many moons ago.

Writing haunted her every mood. Ideas poured in and out of her mind. Every book or movie caused inspiration. The internet is a part of life no doubt but you can learn four things if you take time away.

1. Be still…..Nature is full of wonder if you’re still and quiet.

2. Respark a passion…..sewing and even drawing or writing can be brought back to life when you can focus.

3. Caregivers need time also…..if you take care ❤ of someone 24/7 and never think of yourself life gets annoyingly overwhelmed.

4. Internet will be there no doubt…..this lesson is harder on some more than others. I apologize if you are one this offends but God didn’t create humans to sit in front of a device all the time. Get out and move. Enjoy life it is full of Adventures.

Is Hospitality a thing of the past?

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Grandma’s Christmas Fudge

Is Hospitality a thing of the past? I imagine if you are in your midlife years you have wondered this question once or twice.   I can not give precise answers just an opinion based on the younger generations I deal with day to day and year to year.


Based on most of them My honest opinion is that they are loosing that part of what other generations have considered Hospitality. I ask again is hospitality a thing of the past?

Do you remember coming to Grandma’s for Christmas and snatching some Christmas Fudge off dessert tables? imag0184Do you remember Sunday Family Dinners with Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob and of course biscuits? That is hospitality to someone in my generation.  

Today’s younger generation’s say there is no time for home cooking and house cleaning. Life is to fast pace and full of gadgets.  A reminder this is just one person’s opinion but as a Mom and A Grandma…I enjoy my visits better if I feel welcomed and the place is full of warmth and hospitality.

So do you think Hospitality is a thing of the Past?




New Year 2017


Blogging has been a Wonderful Experience this year 2016. Thank you to my 25+ Bloggers following along. Looking forward to sharing more and meeting more bloggers in 2017. The Twitter account connected to the Blog has 652 Followers as of this moment. Any Tweet Friend that actually see’s the posts thank you all for Engaging!!