Bird landed on each sign I walked past

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The life of a caregiver can be isolating to say the least. You want to stay positive and wear a smile, because folks don’t want to know the true thoughts that run through your mind on the bad days.

Imagine for a moment your walking next to me by the lake where I sometimes get to go for prayer and answers.  You notice after those prayers that a bird follows the path ahead of you by landing on each sign. Well it happened just that way and all I could wonder is how quirky it was to tell someone you felt a Bird was Waiting for you. 






Falling for Fall isn’t that a catching thought? Most people may not think about falling for a season, but I have for many years. As I gaze out the window by my desk or sneak away to the lake I see a burst of my favorite colors everywhere. If you enter my home which is now a Cozy Condo in October you will see those colors everywhere, including deer, and foxes and such scattered among my decorations.  Falling for Fall includes sitting by warm fireplaces, wearing hoodies and preparing baked goods. 

please share in the comments which season you Fall for and maybe why? I look forward to the different reasons! 



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Happy September and almost Fall! 

Originally I had planned on doing 30 days of books for the month of Sept. After careful thinking and the challenge life gave me to do a music challenge. I decided the month of September would change to a month of 

“Sharing the Love”  During all the situations of the past couple month’s I still found myself reading my fellow bloggers posts while in waiting rooms and such. So ” Sharing the Love” is 30 blogs I enjoy seeing in my email box and reading.