Midlife without a summer


As she sits alone on the bank with fishing rod in hand her mind drifts back to the summer’s spent packing up the pick-up truck and boat for a few days of escape. 

Escape meant the strong man she is a caregiver for now (caregiver-of-a-strong-man) was able to clear his mind of un-shared troubles that life through his way each day. Also she could clear her mind and reorganize the changes she may need to accomplish.  During the two hour drive down to the Escape they would debate over his classic rock and her country music. 

Upon arrival to the cabin; his number one thing to do was make the room cold enough she would need an Eskimo coat to survive the stay.  Although her number one thing to do was to set up the kitchen; her mind raced of ways to get him on the boat tonight before dark. 

Stay tuned to see if she gets them underway and which seat is her favorite.

Is Hospitality a thing of the past?

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Grandma’s Christmas Fudge

Is Hospitality a thing of the past? I imagine if you are in your midlife years you have wondered this question once or twice.   I can not give precise answers just an opinion based on the younger generations I deal with day to day and year to year.


Based on most of them My honest opinion is that they are loosing that part of what other generations have considered Hospitality. I ask again is hospitality a thing of the past?

Do you remember coming to Grandma’s for Christmas and snatching some Christmas Fudge off dessert tables? imag0184Do you remember Sunday Family Dinners with Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob and of course biscuits? That is hospitality to someone in my generation.  

Today’s younger generation’s say there is no time for home cooking and house cleaning. Life is to fast pace and full of gadgets.  A reminder this is just one person’s opinion but as a Mom and A Grandma…I enjoy my visits better if I feel welcomed and the place is full of warmth and hospitality.

So do you think Hospitality is a thing of the Past?




The Man in the Chair


The chair was purchased while the strong man mentioned in previous blog post below spent a week in the hospital this past summer. This care-giver thinks about that each time she looks up from her morning cup of tea, while he is still asleep in the next room.

She recalls calling him about it from the store and him stating he could not see spending the money on himself. I assured him he deserved such a luxury and purchased it, assembled it and had it waiting for his return. I know your sitting there laughing at the fact I said a chair was a luxury. Well men Strong as Glass really focus on working and paying bills…not so much on what will help him be comfortable.

This midlife care-giver admits looking at this chair in the future will cause two very different feelings. First one when the lungs of this Man as Strong as Glass stops fighting to live, and the chair sits there empty it will leave emptiness in her mind and soul. Yet she will also be able to look at that chair as a symbol of no regrets of being a life time nurturer and care-giver.

God Bless All the Care-givers out there, support one another.

New Life During Midlife; My Internet Branch!

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Internet image…Represents the avid reader behind the posts.  


That is what this Blog is ALL about. Adventure in the Midlife Stages.  These adventures include learning to live in a Community after raising the kids in a very seclude rural area. Learning to be self-sufficient while helping my husband with his disability. Also remodeling our cozy condo and MY culinary arts adventure and Fishing. Blogging through Midlife is the Plan.


Fishing Everywhere

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Dad and Brother’s

Midlife causes you to think of how far you have come and where you want to go.

I have been fishing and camping since I was knee high to a grasshopper as the old saying goes. Dad took his family on a trip every summer. My best memories of dad include watching a huge fish caught on the tiny ugly stick, that he would not share with Anyone.

Anytime I am around a large amount of water, I think about the fish I could be catching.


My view last New Year’s in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

I woke up and went to sleep for 5 beautiful days with this view. I even called about chartering a boat, I so badly wanted to have an amazing fight. No fishing happened though, the man in my life needed to stay close to home. As I stated in the blog post Water Everywhere. https://newlifeduringmidlife.wordpress.com/2016/09/16/water-everywhere/I wonder if I will return to the water.

Whispering Trees




She rises with the sun. As the teapot begins to boil, she stares out the window and hears her name being whispered in the air. She turns off the stove and walks outside as she drapes her favorite sweater over her shoulders.

As she walks down her favorite hiking path, she realizes it’s the trees whispering her name. This had never happened on any other walk she had taken. At first she felt as if she was loosing her mind. Then she sat upon the bench beneath her favorite oak tree. The tree was half full of beautiful fall colors. Then there it was again whispering above her head ” MidlifeNew, Everything will Fall into place.” As she looks up the prettiest Red Leaf fell upon her nose.