Life is an Adventure!!!

Dam in @MidlifeNew community

Looking over the side of the bridge over the dam in our community this is what you have the opportunity to stand and watch for as long as you wanted. We have learned that if you walk the dam area four times it equals to two miles. That gives you lots of time to think about life and the adventures ahead. Lots of neighbors say they like to fish but trusting people is challenging. 

A Favorite Spot for @MidlifeNew to sit and think.

This is such a beautiful site!  Imagine waking up to the sun rising or setting over this lake. We don’t live close enough for that but it is still always beautiful when I explore this area.  I saw my first deer in the area heading down on this particular day. I was told by one neighbor that if we walk on the trails we would see several.  He expressed their always in his mother’s yard.    Trails are on the bucket list as soon as I find an active trustworthy walking partner.  Stay tune and see how the fishing and exploring goes.


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