August music Challenge

#Challenge #Music 

Day #7 

Day 7 is a song that makes me want to fall in love 💘.

This was a challenge for sure. I have lots of favorites. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill has a unbelievable passion for each other and draw you into their songs. 

Old Country also can do that at times. I had almost forgotten about the song I chose until it came over the radio 📻. This song really makes you think about what it would be like if a man would express feelings.

August music Challenge

#Challenge #Music

Day #6 

Today is my favorite Classical music. I actually was introduced to classical music in band in middle school. I loved the sounds but not encourage to play at home. 

Years later I took some music classes in college but again only playing when no one was around for criticism. Thank goodness for my headphones.

August music Challenge

#challenge  #music

Day #5 

I will post two songs.

Song I would play because of anger

If I’m mad at my spouse you may hear this song. At times even blarring in the car or I have headphones on and cleaning house. 

Yet sometimes the anger between two strong people goes on too long, you may hear this song playing inside those headphones as I figure out what comes next.

August music Challenge

#challenge #music

Day #4

A song played when I am sad. This is hard for me I rarely get sad enough about life to play sad music. Although life as full time caregiver is tough at times.

After thinking it over James Taylor is who I lean on during those rare days. Funny thing about the cozy condo is the decks are also roofs.