November A month of Thankfulness


November is a month of Thankfulness. Also begins a crazy business that overwhelms some people more than others.  

As a Caregiver and an active woman, I have a ton of things to be Thankful for at my age. I hope I can share some and hear from my followers also. 

Happy November 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍂🍂🍂🍂


October Baking!

imag1163.jpgOctober will begin tomorrow, I originally was going to attempt to do a full-blown baking challenge for the month. Because of caregiving situations a 30 day baking challenge would be difficult to keep up with and I am not a food blogger. 

I’ve decided to share my favorites and recipes tried from other bloggers as often as time allows during October. Please leave comments with food bloggers I may want to check out or maybe a recipe I should share. 

Happy Fall Season to All!!

Realizing Difference and Simularities

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Same and Different


As I sit here sipping a warm cup of cocoa and looking out at the Trees on the Verge of bursting with their Fall Colors, I realize as I am getting close to being a half century old, I am confidentially realizing the differences and similarities of this daughter and her mother

Sure your sitting there reading this and thinking that all daughters turn out like their mothers, don’t be Fooled, Blinded or Gullible. All women are unique in their own ways yet take on the same roles generation after generation.  

The two things my mind wonders to lately, as for as differences and similarities the men we married and the communities we each live in now.

  1. She married an educated man, that wasted some of the education benefits by allowing a substance such as alcohol to run his life and decisions.
  2. I married a not so educated man, that accepted different opportunities…

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Sidewalk to long

This “Sidewalk” is not used any longer by the man with lung disease.
These days he prefers to just remain inside.


Looking at a sidewalk everyday you think things such as; at least I’m not walking in mud or maybe who clears the wintry stuff that will soon fall.

But when you’re a care-giver of someone with lung disease, you must look at this sidewalk as an obstacle in their lives. I am always the positive one here at home, I see it as the path I must walk to remove the garbage from my home and to get over to the mailboxes. A spouse with lung disease sees it as a very mile long hike to get to his vehicle, although it is actually three minutes to the dumpster and back to our front door. Walking down this sidewalk is actually a good thing, if he would just consider at least he is not stuck in bed yet.


“Sidewalk.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 6 Sept. 2016.


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New Beginnings

Well here we are almost October, the writing goals out way the fishing goals for sure. Care-giving has proving to be difficult at times. It will just get tougher the sicker he becomes.



Happy 2017! Here it is January 10th already and yes my mind is thinking about telling the whole world that the girl has Gone Fishing not sure when she’s returning. The winds are gusting outside and rattling things all around.

New year brings New beginnings so they say, so one of my new beginnings is committing to writing at least one post a week. Would love to do a post a day but Care-giving does not always allow the time for such dreams. 

Another New beginnings is to learn more about the sport of fishing and learn to find an enjoyable way to do that alone. The things I need to explore are as follows;

  1. Experiment with different rods and reels
  2. Learning more about running our boats
  3. Learning the depths of our community lakes
  4. Experiment with different types of bait


Another New beginnings is more successful nature walks and…

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Waiting on Answers

Bird landed on each sign I walked past

#365daysofwriting #discoverwp #waiting #caregiver

The life of a caregiver can be isolating to say the least. You want to stay positive and wear a smile, because folks don’t want to know the true thoughts that run through your mind on the bad days.

Imagine for a moment your walking next to me by the lake where I sometimes get to go for prayer and answers.  You notice after those prayers that a bird follows the path ahead of you by landing on each sign. Well it happened just that way and all I could wonder is how quirky it was to tell someone you felt a Bird was Waiting for you. 


Falling for Fall




Falling for Fall isn’t that a catching thought? Most people may not think about falling for a season, but I have for many years. As I gaze out the window by my desk or sneak away to the lake I see a burst of my favorite colors everywhere. If you enter my home which is now a Cozy Condo in October you will see those colors everywhere, including deer, and foxes and such scattered among my decorations.  Falling for Fall includes sitting by warm fireplaces, wearing hoodies and preparing baked goods. 

please share in the comments which season you Fall for and maybe why? I look forward to the different reasons! 



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